Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Short Attention Span Record Reviews, July 2016


BIG BUSINESS – Command Your Weather

Anthemic and absolutely epic heavy rock from everyone’s favorite power duo. (8)

HEART – Beautiful Broken

A solid combination of new songs and reworkings of older ones proving that the Wilson sisters remain relevant. Features a duet with James Hetfield on the title track. (7)

KAYO DOT – Plastic House On Base Of Sky

The guy says his influences are Gorguts, Bjork, The Cure and Scott Walker and I think that’s a fairly accurate description. (6)

LORD VICAR – Gates Of Flesh

The expected Black Sabbath worship. (7)

PLANET OF ZEUS – Loyal To The Pack

As the only Greek to have never seen the Athenian leaders of the stoner rock pack play live, I admit I’m not among the ranks of the converted as their previous albums sounded sort of derivative. On this one however they’ve kicked their songwriting up a notch or three. (8)


Ambitious triple album by Swiss extreme metal band, a bit too long for its own good. Disc 1 sounds like a dissonant Behemoth, disc 2 sounds like Celtic Frost doing Pink Floyd in the style of My Dying Bride, disc 3 sounds like SunnO))) on acid. (7)


Rick Rubin-produced folk rock band experiments with a “modern” sound, which thankfully doesn’t always get in the way of their great songwriting. (7)

BRIGID MAE POWER – Brigid Mae Power

Cinematic, sparse orchestration with ethereal vocals, sort of like Grails does 4AD. (8)


Look, everybody has their guilty pleasures and it’s time to get out of the closet. I don’t usually listen to Adult Contemporary stuff so I’m either no adult or not contemporary but I do love Chantal, she’ll always remind me of “Dawson’s Creek” which I also loved in the closet, “Colour Moving And Still” is a desert island disc, and now she’s got a new album. (7)

CODY DICKINSON – Leeway For The Freeway

North Mississippi Allstars drummer and son of late great producer Jim Dickinson releases solo album with guests such as his brother Luther, John Medeski, Duane Betts and Robert Randolph. The problem is, Cody’s singing is worse than my cat's drumming. (5)

SARA WATKINS – Young In All The Wrong Ways

Nickel Creek violinist/singer/bluegrass icon lays her soul bare on post-break up album. (7)

SARAH JAROSZ – Undercurrent

Dark Americana blues from a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer. (7)