Saturday, 18 November 2017

Short Attention Span Record Reviews November 2017 Part II

AOSOTH – V: The Inside Scriptures
Unholy, dissonant French black/death metal from Antaeus frontman MkM, fifth release and no signs of slowing down their demonic assault. (8)

CONVERGE – The Dusk In Us

Brutal and raw, “The Dusk In Us” is yet another excellent addition to the Converge canon. As I already stated a couple of months ago, all the best metal albums this year were created by punk bands. (9)

FLEURETY – The White Death

If you’re into the weirder branch of Norwegian black metal (Ved Buens Ende, Dodheimsgard etc.) then you don’t need my opinion on this. If you’re not into the weirder branch of Norwegian black metal then you don’t need my opinion on this. (8)

GALACTIC COWBOYS – Long Way Back To the Moon

90’s Texan could-have-beens return with original line-up, blending heavy metal with vocal harmonies a-la Beatles. You’ll enjoy this if you’re into other 90’s could-have-beens like King’s X. (7)

GRETA VAN FLEET – From the Fires

Hey you guys, Robert Plant just called from 1973 and he’s mad as hell, he says he’s coming over to kick your asses. (6)

GODFLESH – Post Self

Slightly different but still very Justin Broadrick, with slabs of classic Godflesh epic heaviness interrupted by Jesu-like moments of ambient beauty. (8)

GREEN DAY – Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band

Fairly comprehensive best-of collection (nothing from the 1990 debut but there were no hits on that one anyway) and featuring two new songs (one a duet with country superstar Miranda Lambert). Look, I like pop-punk, OK? And I like these guys, I think they’re a great arena-rock band and there are some REALLY GOOD tunes in here. (9)


I was never a Deadhead but I like Hart’s solo albums – the Grateful Dead drummer is very creative when putting together teams of A-list percussionists from around the globe and exploring world music. “RAMU” is not as groundbreaking as “Planet Drum” but it’s still worth a few spins. (7)

RADIATOR KING – A Hollow Triumph

Influenced by Springsteen, 16 Horsepower, Tom Waits and folk punk (more New Model Army than Gogol Bordello) and featuring an ace band including members of The Hold Steady and the Dresden Dolls, “A Hollow Triumph” is a minor triumph. (8)


For those of you still paying attention to what Phil Anselmo’s doing, this is his black metal supergroup featuring members of Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation and possibly other livestock-abusing bands. (7)


Posthumous release from excellent, hard-working, world-class soul/funk revivalist performer will make you happy and sad at the same time. (8)

TAYLOR SWIFT – Reputation

Oh shut up, it’s fine. (7)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – One Way Glass: Dancefloor Prog, Brit Jazz & Funky Folk 1968-1975

Totally awesome 3-CD collection of rare gems from the late 60’s-early 70’s including Colosseum, Pentangle, Climax Chicago Blues Band, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Melanie, Joan Armatrading, Spencer Davis Group, Atomic Rooster, Soft Machine and lots of stuff you’ve never heard of but you’ll love if you’re into the era’s underground British progressive rock & folk scenes. (10)