Saturday, 19 July 2014

Short Attention Span Record Reviews - July Part II

The Loud Stuff 

BLUES PILLS – Blues Pills 
Yet another competent Swedish 70’s revival outfit, you’ve heard it all before but this lady can sure belt ‘em out. Hyped up as the next big thing, more likely to be the next slightly larger than average thing. (7) 

DOG FASHION DISCO – Sweet Nothings 
If you can’t live without your Mr. Bungle and your System Of A Down and can’t wait for the new Faith No More material, then these alt-metal veterans are back with your methadone. (7) 

ENTOMBED A.D. – Back To The Front 
Basically it’s  L-G Petrov’s solo project, sounding like Entombed attempting to reenact their glory days with mixed results. Stockholm still kicks Gothenburg’s ass though. (6) 

OPETH – Pale Communion 
Better than “Heritage” and “Watershed” and having absolutely nothing to do with metal anymore, this is a thoroughly enjoyable top-notch prog rock record. (8) 

THE ANGELS – 40 Years of Rock Vol. 1 40 Greatest Studio Hits 
Triple CD. Great compilation. The Best Band In Australia. Buy. Discover. Now. (9) 

The Other Stuff 

COUNTING CROWS – July 4th Spectacular 
Quick n’ dirty live album released to coincide with their current U.S. tour. I’d have thought that their radio-friendly brand of folk rock would come across more energetic in a live setting. (6) 

JOHN HIATT – Terms Of My Surrender 
From the Tom Petty/Ry Cooder generation of great Americana rockers, Hiatt is back with a fantastic album that compensates for some lack of originality with an abundance of quality. (8)


MORRISSEY – World Peace Is None Of Your Business 
I feel an overwhelming need to apologize to my ears for making them listen to this bombastic load of pretentious crap. I’m sorry, ears. (3)

If Bob Dylan had never switched from acoustic to electric, loved punk rock as much as Woody Guthrie, was more fun, and could actually sing, he might have sounded a bit like the Old Crow Medicine Show. (8) 

Best band name ever, even though it would be more suitable to stoner rockers rather than to this reverb-drenched acoustic bunch that sounds like a bluegrass version of My Morning Jacket. (7) 

VINTAGE TROUBLE – The Swing House Acoustic Sessions 
Great stuff, but not as great as their usual soulful electric blues rock. Guys, plug in please. (7)

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