Friday, 14 September 2018

Short Attention Span Record Reviews, Heavy Edition

Grunge by proxy, metalheads deep down, on new release that will keep the fanbase happy. (7)

ALKALINE TRIO – Is This Thing Cursed

Pop-punk veterans still in pretty good shape. (7)


One-man industrial metal band Author & Punisher and his handmade robot noisemakers return with yet another skull-crushing collection of Godflesh-meets-NIN tracks. (7)

CLUTCH – Book Of Bad Decisions

Textbook definition of what hard rock should sound like. A couple of songs too long though. (8)

ENUFF ZNUFF – Diamond Boy

Cult power-pop heroes erroneously marketed as glam metal back in the day provide another set of catchy Cheap Trick-esque ditties. Guitarist Chip also assumes vocal duties as singer Donnie is M.I.A. Not bad, but do yourself a favor and listen to their fantastic 1989-2003 albums. (7)

NASHVILLE PUSSY – Pleased To Eat You

It’s a Nashville Pussy album so what did you expect? Of course it’s about dope, guns, and fucking in the streets. (7)


Imagine someone drilling a hole in your cranium with a Black+Decker but instead of, say, a normal speed of 1000 RPM, this drill operates at 4 RPM. (666)

SATAN – Cruel Magic

A combination of great guitar work and piss-poor production gives this album an air of NWOBHM authenticity, not that they need it. Jump right in if you’re into old-school heavy metal. (7)

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Still Cyco Punk After All These Years

I wonder what Dave Lombardo’s salary is, if Mike Muir is using him as the only selling point for rehashing old material. (6)

SUMAC – Love In Shadow

Crushingly heavy yet strangely melodic this will certainly appeal to fans of previous bands these guys have been in, the most prominent of which was Isis. (8)

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